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Hebert Performance Training
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Supervisory Crash 


                                The Ultimate Supervisory Skills "Crash" Course (NEW)



Target Audience:      Supervisors and managers, entrepreneurs, team leaders

                                 Anyone who could use new "tricks and tips" for leading others


Length:                     1-2 days        (see 1 day public format schedule)


Program Summary:  If you've lead others and could use a "jump start" to help manage people with more efficiency and ease, this is the program for you.  This course contains the "nuts and bolts" of getting your team to be more productive, team focused, and headed for the "gold." Learn how to employ dynamic and easy techniques to improve your effectiveness as a leader, and your team's overall performance. You'll learn how to communicate in terms they understand, manage different "people styles," envision high expectations, give useful feedback, manage your time, hold meetings, and ultimately build an energized and empowered team!  Make your job easier by learning 100's of "tricks of the trade" that can be used immediately to improve your team's performance!


                         What you'll learn


      How to lead, then get out of the way!

      Give feedback that means more and gets results

      How to get the different "people styles" to work together

      How to communicate with tact, yet get it done   

      Build team spirit and workplace enthusiasm

      Manage your time, run meetings, manage performance, and much more!  


                         How you'll benefit


      Build trust and establish more productive team relationships

      Build team spirit and while getting results

      Communicate in a way that builds and empowers

      Keep a better handle on expectations, performance, and areas to improve

      Have more time to lead and guide performance versus chase fires

      Communicate in ways that makes your team want to excel

      Produce more, with less ease and more enjoyment for you and the team!




Hebert Performance Training
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