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Hebert Performance Training
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Leading & Building A Customer-Focused Organization

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Target Audience: All organizational leaders 

Length: 6 - 12 hours

Program Summary: Beyond setting an example of how to treat customers, managers must actively support their teams in order to create a customer-focused organization. This program includes three components: 1) an overview of the employee two day program (see program descriptions above); 2) a review and discussion of a 14 point model "Customer Service: An Organizational View" which is critical for building a cohesive culture of servicing customers; 3) coaching skills, which are necessary for post-training reinforcement. This program sets the tone for learning how to manage the process by further developing skills that foster and maintain a customer-focused team. This is a highly interactive program, which provides participants the opportunity to discuss current organizational practices, as well as build leadership skills for organizational change, and one-on-one coaching.

What you will learn:

  • Review why a customer focused organization is critical to success in the marketplace
  • Explore the necessary "basics" of providing superior customer service
  • Understand how to improve supervisory communication with special
    regard to customer service
  • Review how to establish customer service standards
  • Learn the steps and techniques to providing effective feedback

How you will benefit:

  • See the relationship and benefits between providing superior customer service and building
    a loyal customer base
  • Refresh your skills in recognizing and anticipating customer needs
    and expectation
  • To effectively be able to direct your employees in working with
    difficult customers
  • Be able to identify and develop meaningful customer service standards
  • Give feedback that is constructive and useful to employees
  • Learn how to create an environment and policies that are truly customer-focused


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